4 Easy Ways to Make Your Financial Space Spark Joy


Anyone else carrying around old receipts from nine months ago? This new year, it might be time to tidy up your wallet, purse and desk where you're making money moves. By treating your financial center with respect, you both acknowledge their presence and the feelings that may come up because of them. You can create a space to hold them – and consequently yourself – with honor. As the new year approaches, consider using these ideas to renew your financial space.

Honor bills with dignity.

A collection of jumbled papers and envelopes doesn’t make tackling them any easier. Organize your bills on a day where you feel grounded and centered. You don’t even have to read them; just filter out the opened envelopes, separate the bills from the return envelopes, and arrange nicely by size. Place them somewhere with dignity, perhaps even stored away in a fun box so they are safe and can’t act as a trigger.   

Clear the clutter.

Receipts, business cards, return tags, parking tickets – it’s easy for your wallet to carry far more baggage than it needs. Schedule time regularly to clean out the space that initiates every transaction you make in real life, whether it’s a wallet, purse, or preferred pocket.

Request new cards. 

If you’ve been carry debit and credit cards for a while and they’re looking a bit rough for wear, consider ordering new ones to switch them out. It'll bring more joy to your wallet, and – bonus points – it’s a good practice to renew your cards regularly to avoid fraud. If you tend to be more cash-forward, consider swinging by a branch to swap old bills for new ones. This simple refresh can help drive a more positive relationship between you and your funds.

Add a positive affirmation.

Consider including a business card or slip of paper with a positive affirmation in relationship to your money – positivity journey. Aim for a phrase that makes you feel empowered, not guilty or ashamed. It can also be a visual or small object that communicates the sentiment better than words. That way, every time you reach for your funds you’re also reminded of what your money means to you.



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