FO$O is Real – Here's How to Minimize it in Your Social Life


We already know that social media can detract from every aspect of our self-worth: physically, mentally and emotionally. But we often don’t apply how those photos can make us feel self-conscious of how much we earn, even going so far as preventing us from living our best money lives. This week, take a moment when you’re browsing your social feeds to remove the channels that make you feel financially inadequate. Here’s some questions to help discern:

This lifestyle is aligned with my values.

I feel inspired and motivated when I see these posts.

I love thinking of the life this person lives.

This account is helping me stay inspired / informed / motivated for my financial resolutions.

My feed will feel empty without this person.

If you answer “yes” to four out of five of these questions, it might be time to put that person on mute. You can always revisit their channel later if / when your perspective changes!

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

Nicole Cardoza