How To Calculate Your Net Worth


What’s my net worth?

A combination of the financial value of you own and what you owe.

Why is it important?

It’s a helpful reference point for your long-term financial planning. 

How do I calculate my net worth?

First, add up all the value of your assets. This can include your bank accounts, investments, property, your car, any business investments, and prized possessions.

Then, add up all your liabilities. This can include student loans, healthcare and insurance bills, credit cards, mortgages, loans, and any debts to friends and families.

Lastly, subtract your liabilities from your assets. The resulting number is your net worth.

Okay I need a calculator or spreadsheet or something.

We’ve got you. Here’s a few handy tools to help:

Net Worth PDF

Net Worth Calculator

…omg wait wtf.

Do not panic. Here’s some things to remember when discussing your net worth.

It’s totally okay if this number is negative. 16% of Americans have a negative net worth, according to a recent article on, and not because they’re going on weekly shopping sprees. Student loans play the biggest factor in negative net worths. If this is a factor in yours, remember the investment you made in yourself that this red number represents. If it’s another common expense – health – remind yourself that your net health is significantly more valuable than you net wealth. 

This number is not your worth. Too often, we convince ourselves that we are the sum of our assets, and nothing more. But this number is just a number. It doesn’t measure your value or potential, in any shape or form. It also doesn’t necessarily mean you are bad at making money, spending money, saving money, or investing. It’s just a benchmark of where you are, right now, when it comes to finances.

This number is the first step to a shift. Whether you’re happy or dissatisfied with your current net worth, just remember that awareness of this number is the first step to changing it if you choose. Take this moment to remind yourself that anything is possible from here.

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