Five Questions to Ask Yourself About Those Financial Resolutions


Sometimes, we get stuck on the number next to the dollar sign, instead of what it’s worth. As you pursue your incredible financial resolutions this month, reframe your approach from a place of #moneypositivity. These questions will help you unlock a more productive practice for the year ahead, and keep your health and wellness aligned with your financial goals.

Why is this money important to me?

Refocus on what this money will unlock for you – whether it’s a tropical getaway, the unexpected fund, or simply making ends meet. Try to reflect here with positivity, so you can carry it with joy moving forward.

How will accumulating these funds affect my health and wellness?

Are you looking at a ton of late nights driving Uber, or adding on an extra consulting project? Be honest. Jot down how these extra efforts affect your physical, mental and emotional health.

What practices can I adopt to keep myself well this year?

Whether you take moments every hour to exhale fully, adopt a gratitude practice, burn some stress off at the gym, or start the morning with your favorite tea, the practice is yours. Own it here.

How can I choose to respond when I’m out of alignment?

A whole year can feel daunting, especially when you don’t meet your goals right away. Be prepared for those moments, and decide how you’d like to respond if faced with fear, uncertainty, guilt or shame.

Who will I share this journey with?

Most resolutions aren’t easy – that’s why we make them! If it feels right to you, consider sharing your goals with a couple of people. Or, simply share them with the @meetdahla community by posting on Instagram and using the hashtag #moneypositivity. We’ve got your back!


Photo by Tachina Lee on Unsplash




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