How To Separate Your Wealth from Your Worth


Sometimes, our own perception of our wealth and worth is so intertwined that any financial shortcomings we experience feel like a direct attack on our  . Money is an easy way to measure our potential – it’s quantitative, comparable to others, and often directly correlated to value (whether you’re looking at your salary or that super-soft imported cashmere sweater). But when our financial “net worth” doesn’t align with our value, it doesn’t make us any less valuable. More importantly, those numbers have no capacity to speak for our potential. Use this exercise to ground yourself in your worthiness, so you can remind yourself that regardless of your financial journey, you are truly priceless.


  1. Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the center.

  2. Choose your favorite side, and write “what makes me worthy?” at the top

  3. Write “What makes me wealthy?” on the other.

  4. Start where you feel is most productive, but spend time writing your response to one column fully before moving to the other.

  5. Give yourself the space to edit, re-start , re-do, and change the titles to phrases that feel more true to you.

  6. Rip the piece of paper in half. Discard the “wealthy”. 

  7. Display the “worthy” in a place you’ll be reminded of it (you can keep it folded, but in view, if you’re not yet comfortable sharing).

  8. Revisit this often if you’re feeling misaligned.

Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash.