5 Women-Written Finance Books to Unleash Your Inner Financial Advisor


Let's face it: there are so many books written on personal finances – even if we're actively avoiding them. With so many books out there, it's difficult to know where to start, but may soon realize all these tools can unlock the financial advisor hiding within you! Explore these books on building better relationships with your finances, and you'll have all the tools to make the right financial decisions for you and your wallet.

1. The Money Flow | Ana Weber Haber

This short and simple book has tactical tools to turn the money in your life into an ally, rather than an adversary, and foster a healthier, happier relationship with what you save and earn. It focuses on lifestyle habits and mindsets, so be prepared to gain more wisdom on living a richer life. Get your copy >

2. The Soul of Money | Lynne Twist

Twist, a global activist and fundraiser, uses her experience helping NGOs raise millions to take a critical, macro-level look at how societies relate to money, and how our own perception of worthiness and value affect the funds that float in and out of our lives. It helps put personal struggles and wins into perspective of a broader ecosystem, with stories from people on either end of the socio-economic spectrum. Learn more >

3. Prince Charming Isn't Coming: How Women Get Smart About Money | Barbara Stanny

With a witty look at modern day womanhood, this book provides tactical tips and tools for women to take control of their financial trajectories. Perfect for major motivation when you're feeling discouraged, or looking for solidarity through difficult financial transitions. Get yours >

4. Worth It | Amanda Steinberg

Looking for more #money-positivity mantras and tools? Worth It dives deep into the complexities of womanhood and worth, and coaches readers through ways to change how they relate to money for personal and financial success. It blends broader mindset shifting and confidence tools with straightforward resources for financial planning. Check it out >

5. You Are A Badass (At Making Money) | Jen Sincero

Sincero takes a honest, heartfelt look at her financial trajectory to offer a series of tools and resources in her spin-off of the popular You Are A Badass title. This book is less reading, more doing, and integrates periods of reflection and workshopping to help readers understand concepts and apply them directly into their own life. Get started >

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