Four Common Purchases Where You Can Save Hundreds / Year


We’re all for the small indulgences, trust us – with all this saving and spending, you deserve a break. However, even the smallest purchases add up, and we’ve found that most people are overspending on these everyday items. Use our recommendations below to curb your spending in these areas. Bonus – many of these money-saving recommendations also greatly reduce your carbon footprint.


I am a coffee fiend, and I’m not recommending that we cut it out entirely. However, we can make a ton of choices that are cheaper than that grande caramel macchiato from Starbucks (and probably healthier, too!) Consider cutting down your intake by ordering a smaller portion each day, or choosing a more simple type of coffee beverage in the morning. You can always save tons by joining a loyalty program and frequently only one spot – for example, the Starbucks loyalty program can save you $200/ year if you have a couple coffees a week.


Picking up a single magazine at the checkout can wear on your finances. At minimum, take a close look at the magazines you frequently purchase and buy a subscription online, which has deep discounts. Or, consider using survey sites that provide free magazine subscriptions in exchange for some basic demographic information. Alternatively, make a habit to visit the website instead, where most of the content is cross-published. And, if you’re still in love with magazines, consider investing in a smaller, newer publication that might have a more niche focus on what you’re passionate about, and enable you to support a small local business.

Water bottles

Plastic water bottles aren't just wasteful, they quickly add up financially. And an inexpensive water bottle of your favorite color, or with a motivational quote, only costs a few dollars. If you’re forgetful (like me), consider investing in one per main locations in your life so you always have something to grab. Please note – we recognize access to inexpensive clean water isn’t a reality for everyone, and only recommend this if you’re confident that the drinking water in your life is safe.

Single serving-size snacks

We get the convenience of grabbing a granola bar or bag of chips at the checkout line, but those small purchases add up quickly – and can cost you 3 -4x more than you need to spend. Consider buying your favorite snacks in bulk and storing some in your travel bag, car and office desk so you’re never too far away from a quick pick-me-up. You can even splurge on some eco-friendly re-usable snack bags to make the practice more enjoyable!

Photo by Cyril Saulnier.


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