An Ode to Our Failed Resolutions


Alright friends. We're here. 

It's time to address those New Year's Resolutions we set about making money. You know, those specific, achievable, attainable goals of cutting out small purchases, changing our mindset, adopting new approaches, all the things. It's time to acknowledge that most of us aren't doing it.

We've bought coffee. We've ordered delivery. We've had one too many drinks with the girls. We've had emergency purchases – tire blowouts, helping our fam with rent, last-minute trips. Our things have been stolen. Our laptops have broken.

Meanwhile, the world is getting richer all around us all of a sudden, right?! Our friends are getting promoted, finding funding, having weddings, buying houses, taking trips. People with bitcoin actually made money. Some people got tax returns and did fun things with it. Even the stories on this damn blog of women making money moves are so inspiring but also super de-motivating.

And we haven't made the money moves we set out to do. Any progress we have made feels small and insignificant compared to this big rich world we live in. And the year is almost halfway over and we'll never catch up so minus well give up anyway.

This can be your truth if you choose. Or. 

Happy New Year! Today is the first day of your new year with money – and whatever else you choose. You can reset your intentions and start over, right now. There is no reason you can't make one good decision today to help your money journey tomorrow. You have the capacity to shift your money course. Right. Now. You don't have to make that decision now. Money is not the most important thing in the world. But this opportunity, this gift, to shift your relationship with your finances is always available to you. It is in your reach. It is in your hands. And no "failed resolutions" define your future.

If you are interested in restarting, here's a few articles that can help. You can simply start by resetting with your net worth, credit score and interest rates. You can shift your space to help spark joy in your relationship with money, or reframe how you talk about money to speak your truths. You can bring a new money-positivity book into your reading rotation as a helpful reminder. Maybe ask a friend to help keep you on track

Don't let your finances define your future. This mindset is worth more than money. And your financial future is yours to choose.